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mercy's smile empowerment program kenyan women selling goods in shop


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To read more about Mercy's Smile Christian charity and our operations as a non-profit, please see our About Us page.


About Our Empowerment Work

At Mercy’s Smile, we believe that everyone has a right to earn a living for their families. Empowering caregivers enables them to realize their potential, find dignity in providing for their families, and expand their horizon. Our desire is to help candidates understand their strengths and challenges, create a clear and measurable plan of action, and develop systems and partnerships that lead them toward self-sufficiency.

Join us in bringing strength and hope to caregivers and empowering whole families to thrive.


Our Empowerment Process

Application Submission

Applicants submit a report of their current business history and need

Business Analysis and Interview

Candidates are interviewed and board completes an analysis of their business and develops a proposed plan of how to help

Milestone Activities

Candidates work with a mentor to develop a timeline with milestone short-term goals and activities that are measurable and achievable as well as a long-term goal

Follow Up

Kenya team follows up regularly to ensure that candidates are meeting each milestone and providing any additional help needed


Candidates reach their long-term goal and are graduated from the Mercy’s Smile empowerment program

"If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday"

Isaiah 58:10


Hear From Our Participants


“Thank you for always supporting my family, for everything; you came to support strangers but have become family to us. I have seen the progress in [my son] Stephen and he is doing so well.” 

Her doctor “was impressed with how well Mama Wambui is doing and Stephen’s progress. Her doctor was amazed at the medication they are taking. He was astonished how they can afford [it] and Mama Wambui spoke of the support she is getting from Mercy’s Smile. He was amazed that someone could fund such an expensive medication for so long without fail.” 

Mama Wambui


"Thank you for everything you have done for my family. Since 2010 you have supported the children with education and helped the family in so many ways. You came into our lives to support my nieces and nephews through school after my sister passed away. You helped them cross the bridge - the kids are all done with school, what more can I ask for?"



"I thank God for the blessings upon my family. Thank you to Mercy’s Smile for the support they have offered my family for the past 10 years. Mercy’s Smile has always been a call away for anything I needed. They have supported my nieces and nephews through school after my sister passed away and their father abandoned them. They have empowered me to transform my love for farming and livestock into years of sustainability for my family. I now have 3 cows, chickens, and a garden, which enables me to put food on the table and sell the remaining."


How to Get Involved

Empower Kenyan Families Today

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